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Bikes make life better. So spend a few minutes reading about my two-wheeled voyages, think with me, escape with me and then get off the screen and into the saddle.  

Cycotherapy acknowledges we all have issues and distractions that keep us away from riding our bikes. The posts on this publication are personal essays about the simple joys of riding a bicycle. Some might be funny. Some might be nostalgic. Some might be nonsensical musings. Some might even be recipes. But they’re all designed to get you back in the saddle (literally or metaphorically) for some cycotherapy. Because, again, bikes make life better.

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Oh, I should mention, lest I be sued: I’m not a therapist. Not even close. The only therapist-like advice you’ll find here will be something along these lines: Go Ride A Dang Bike.

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Dillon Carr is a writer and amateur cyclist. His day job involves covering local news for an online publication in north central Ohio. He also serves as adjunct professor for Ashland University’s newspaper, The Collegian. His work has appeared in the New York Times, Associated Press, Medium, Media Shift, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, CT News Junkie and others.

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Conquering the fear du jour through bikes and whimsy. Stories and essays about the joys of cycling.


I'm a local news reporter who just so happens to own more bikes than pairs of jeans. I like long rides on bikes. I like short rides on bikes. I like beer. I like bike tools. And I like bikes -- all kinds of bikes, really.